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396 Acre Property, Alabama Land Auctions

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Auction Date: Saturday, April 11th @10 AM.
Highlights: 396 Acre Property, Alabama Land Auctions
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396 Acre Property, Alabama Land Auctions

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Terms: General Terms of Auction

Price Bid is For the Property in Whole Dollars. A buyer's premium of 10% of the highest bid price, will be added to determine the final contract price added to winning bid price to determine the contract price. Signed Contract and 20% Deposit is required at time of BID AWARD. All sales must close within 30 days of auction ending. Property sells "As is, Where is." Contact us today by email or phone to request a property information package and additional photos. Purchase real estate at auction online to get the very best deal on homes for sale. Personal Property, Equipment will be paid in full at bid award.

All property will sell subject to confirmation, furthermore bidders must register prior to bidding. The seller hereby activates the liberty of bidding, furthermore the seller authorizes the auctioneer to accept bids until there reserve has been meet, or a lower than reserve amount has been accepted. The liberty of bidding under the reservations of the sellers extends to all qualified and registered bidders in a competitive fashion to reach the highest acceptable bid. Property may be sold prior to the posted ending time without notice, you maximum offer is encouraged for the better bidder results.

System testing: Auctioneers have the right to implement system testing to insure the highest and best user experience during the competitive bid period. If any bidders have questions about registration, bid procedures do not hesitate to call the administration office to answer any questions about technical operations or bid procedures. Administration staff will not be able to answer questions about property being sold. To ask questions about the property call the Auctioneers…844-400-2828.

Auction presented by Auctioneer Myers Jackson, AL5211.

Auctioneers Note for Simulcast Online Bid:
This is an Online and live Auction and bids will be administered via INTERNET Bidding and AUCTIONEERS or a BROKER Representative will be on-site the day and time the auction closes. You may visit and inspect the property prior to the end of the AUCTION. Auctioneers reserve the right to accept ONLINE ONLY BIDS, Bids in Person, Written Offers, Fax Bids and Telephone Bids. All bids are authorized prior to bidding and approved by confirmation. Please inquire about bidding if you are not registered. All Bidders must be REGISTERED prior to bidding.

Auctioneers Note for Online Bidding:
Auctioneers reserve the right to accept bids from all qualified bidders to include but not limited to: Live Auctions, Online Only Auction Platforms, Written Bids, Electronic Bids, Fax Bids, or Written offers during before or after the bidding period. If you are looking to buy this item, you are invited to make your best offer, however your offer may not be the best offer, the sellers reserve the right to evaluate all bids and make final decision on acceptance based on all offers. Please make your best offer; Auctioneers will further reserve the right cross reference bidders to evaluate the best offer. By registration you allow Auctioneers to update you as information becomes available you will receive a permanent bidder’s number on online only auctions bidding platform.

For more information contact us via Email or call 844-400-2828
Directions: To Bid Online:
2. Click on the property you are interested in
3. Below the property thumbnail image, click on text “ALL ITEMS (1)”
4. Enter a) Current Bid and/or Maximum Bid. (The Maximum bid is not required but suggested. The Maximum Bid amount is not available to the public. The system will enter a proxy bid on your behalf in small increments if you are outbid until another purchaser succeeds your maximum bid amount.)
5. Scroll to the bottom of the page – Enter your Bidder Number & Password
6. Click on the box next to “I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this auction.”
7. Click “Continue”
8. Verify the amount indicated is the intended bid amount and click “SUBMIT BIDS”

Call in bids will be accepted contingent on approval, prior registration, proof of funds and required documentation.

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